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Phrases and Dedications

Phrases and Dedications


1. This date was unforgettable since I met you.

2.. Persons like you are what make life more beautiful.

3. Flowers you see represent the tenderness, warmth and beauty that my heart is in you.

4. These flowers are part of the immense love I profess you.

5. My life is beautiful because you make of it.

6. A's who need you and beside you is where I want to be.

7. Happiness I found with you, so thank you for those wonderful moments you've given me.

8. Maybe do not say "I love you" as many times as you need to hear, and often can not find words to describe the love I feel for you .... but I want you to know that I am very happy and could not imagine spend my life without you.

9. Around the world there are many kinds of people, but none as special and beautiful as you.

10. Believe in yourself, because you who have made me believe in having the most beautiful life ... "love"

11. I found a world of peace where I can know that there is someone at my side who loves only me ... I found a world of love the day I found you.

12. How much I love you? Tell me how many stars are in the sky, how much water in the sea ... how much sand on the beach ... and I'll tell you how much I love you.

13. My life is more beautiful from the day my heart was filled with love for you.

14. The fantasy is not love, love is poetry and that is why I say I love you, even if you do not love me.

15. Will not let you steal the heart, leaves the door open for you to take with love.

16. The love was invented by a guy with eyes closed, so we all love are blind ...

17. Sigh For you, for you live, for you I can give my whole life, because you are the ideal place to give you all the love and passion that emerges from my body person.

18. My life made no sense until there was you, the love that gives me all the strength I need to continue my love I love you more than anything in this world.

19. If you read this message you love me, if you delete it you want me, if you answer me is that I want and if I do not say anything you want to do is love me ... how can you get out of this?

20. Today I love you more than yesterday and if I loved you yesterday too, I imagine how I love you today ...


1. For each year a rose, each rose a kiss, a hug for every kiss, Congratulations to our day.

2. All those years of happiness and understanding are worthy example for us. Every day we admire and want more.

3. Happiness I found with you. Thanks for these wonderful moments as you have given me.

4. That love has lit their lives in the light of hope and happiness never ends, That all the dreams that have made will last forever. 

5 Mi love:. Receive these roses in appreciation of the (......) years of happiness you've given me and never turn off the flame of love.

6. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple ... That love that has united all this time, always last in their hearts.

7. Especially for you on our anniversary ... so special days like this can not be forgotten, today I want you to know that my life is happy because you're in it.

8. Celebrate life by chance have joined us, that our kisses have brought us closer, our hands have been taken, that our hearts are united ... Happy day ....

9. I was lucky to find my love, only you can change my heart and my soul, only you can walk beside me, not through me, you just love me for who I am, not for what it could become , just for you I can say that I was lucky to find the love of my life.Happy Anniversary!

10. Such a big love like yours deserves a grand celebration.Happy Anniversary! . Love

11: I love you because you can laugh, I mourn, I can say everything or just shut up. I love you like no one else in the world.

12. Want to partake of this special date, offering a sincere greeting greetings and best wishes for another successful year

13. The love, try not to count the years we've been together, but to make the happiness you have given us, speak for itself.

14. Thanks for hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams, by living with my flaws and love me for all these years. Happy Anniversary.

15. Our flame will never go out because our commitment is ever broken. Happy Anniversary.

16. Though marriage is the work of Heaven, you have to work on earth. I promise to work overtime if necessary, so that ours can never break.

17. The marriage is like a good wine matures with age and improve. 

18. On this day of our anniversary, I must confess that during our relationship I've fallen in love many many times. Always the same. From you. Happy Anniversary. 


1. A new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities.

2. A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.

3. Children reinvent a new world for you.

4. A baby is a blank check payable to the human race. 

5. A father is someone who carries pictures where I used to take notes. 6. A baby is born with the need for affection, and too long to pass never left behind.

7. The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without being able to see them.

8. Every baby born into the world is a new opportunity for bad things to change.

9. Every new baby is a message from the angels of the world must continue.

10. The world When I arrived I was so surprised at what he saw that I could not speak for a year and half.

11. Do not try to refine your baby, but you improve your relationship with him

12. Each baby is unique and impossible to repeat miracle. I congratulate him on his.

13. A very tiny baby can enforce biggest dreams. Congratulations on the birth of your son.

14. The babies are born with eyes willing to see everything beautiful, joyful embrace and love everything unconditionally with all his heart. .

15 There are two things in life for which we are not prepared: Twins! Congratulations on the birth of their own.

16. Every baby brings a new blessing to the world. Congratulations.

17. The birth of a baby is the way Mother Nature gives us another chance to Earth. .

18 A birth represents the beginning of everything - it is the miracle of the present and hope for the future. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

19. Today flowers have a special color, the birds sing more, the sun shines with a new force and tonight the stars will smile on the birth of your new baby. Congratulations.

20. A baby is born with the need to be loved. And never lose this need. I will be among the many that make your new baby is among the loved ones of our planet.

21. The miracle of birth is a unique and unrepeatable treasure for a woman. Congratulations and enjoy it.

22. Newborn A baby fills a hole that never knew his mother was in her heart.


1. Flowers do you make a resurgence of optimism that has always had and that through God.

2. My best wishes for your speedy recovery.

3. Receive these flowers, like us, are the work of God and it is Him who commend you for your speedy recovery.

4. Receive this present as a small token of our affection, admiration and respect. We hope your speedy recovery.

5. We do really need, without you everything is sad. We pray to God for your speedy recovery.

6. Animo, remember that you've always known to get over the difficulties with courage and joy. Get well soon.

7. Get Well Soon.

8. Expect you to be with us soon, we miss you. Your friends and colleagues forever.

9. Empty I feel, if you you're not at home, everything is sad. All hope soon be with us, to restore joy to our lives.

10. These flowers do revive the optimism that has always been and are a prayer to God that you recover soon.

11. Accompany Al, we know she'll be fine, calm down you're still beautiful and gorgeous forever.

12. Doy Thank God for putting me in your way. I am praying for you and your speedy recovery.

13. Want to make you get a message of friendship and affection my sincere wishes for your speedy recovery.

14. Receive these flowers, like us, are God and on whom we commend you for your speedy recovery.

15. Encouragement, remember that you've always known to get over the difficulties with courage and joy. Get well soon.

16. Want to tell you that we are with you and we hope for your welfare.

17. Your health is my life and my life is you, I need you by my side.

18. I await your speedy recovery to again enjoy the unforgettable moments happened to you. 19. Life is Beautiful, Get well soon to enjoy it. I want to ...

20. Wish you get better soon.

21. Wish you recover soon so you're back with us.

22. Hoping things get better soon.

23. Whenever you see these flowers, remember that someone thinks of you, Get well soon.

24. Hoping these flowers not only give glow to your room, but your heart.

25. Good health starts with a happy heart. I hope these flowers do the work.

26. We miss you, aliviate soon and back with us.


1. Today is a very special day ... today you meet a year and with it comes new opportunities to make your wishes come true and enjoy new experiences.Congratulations!

2. A year far behind, and a new one arrives to fill it with smiles, hugs and special moments.Happy Birthday!

3. Today is a very special day ... I miss you and I love to be with you if only to help blow out the candles.Happy Birthday!

4. Today is a very special day ... today you meet a year and with it comes new opportunities to make your wishes come true and enjoy new experiences.Congratulations!

5. A year far behind, and a new one arrives to fill it with smiles, hugs and special moments.Happy Birthday!

6. Wish you the sweetest of days and want you to know that you are in the memory of your family and you are very special to us. Happy Birthday!

7. Today is a very special day ... from a distance, he has my best wishes for you to have a beautiful day, full of surprises and joys.Happy Birthday!

8. Want to congratulate you on your birthday and wish that your dreams will never disappear and continue as alive and as cute as you are.Congratulations!

9. Today is a special day ... one year slouch and another arrives with new opportunities to fill it with smiles, hugs and special moments. I hope all your wishes are met and I can share with you some of those special moments.Happy Birthday!

10.'s Your birthday this day and am very pleased to congratulate all wish you many years of joy and life full of happiness. I wish your friend who is always there for anything you need a hug and congratulations.

11. On your birthday I want you to remember special moments, moments filled with joy and celebrate you all another year of life. Remember that life is beautiful, and that no matter how many fulfill what really matters is the love and enthusiasm that you put on this special date. I love you very much and wish you continue to meet many, many more ok. happy Birthday.

12. Though everyone strives to wish you a happy day, the truth like a birthday recently and despite being happy, every day you feel older, but as is usual congratulations, I fervently hope you continue to meet years and I can see it.

13. Dreaming and remember this and other days because your friends will be with you until the last day.Happy Birthday!

14. Happy Birthday, that dreams are not just dream are a reflection of the near future ... the distances imposed are the proximity to this love and this friendship ...

15. A witch told me that today would be a great fire in your house, but it was actually watching the candles on your cake. Congratulations! This morning was the most beautiful, xx years ago rejoiced it, thanks to your presence.

16. Hopefully today is a very special day for you, and you meet one more year (do not get even sadder that you have very few). I hope you enjoy the company of those you care about and make you spend some time today I just want to congratulate you, and wish you on this special day be filled with the happiness.Happy Birthday!

17. With these words my pen write and direct my heart, I want to bring some warmth and beautiful feelings on the anniversary of the day when the world was lucky to see you for the first time. Happy Birthday!.

18. Today we celebrate you're a year older ... but do not worry you're much better. "Happy Birthday"

19. On your birthday I want you to remember special moments, moments filled with joy and celebrate you all another year of life. Remember that life is beautiful, and that no matter how many fulfill what really matters is the love and enthusiasm that you put on this special date. I love you and I wish you continue to meet many, many more ok. Happy Birthday.!

20.'s Your birthday this day and am very pleased to congratulate all wish you many years of joy and life full of happiness. I wish your friend who is always there for whatever you need.

21. Heart that loves is always young. Wishing you a year full of love and joy. Happy Birthday!.

22. Having a friend like you, it's like having a sunny day. Happy Birthday!.

23. Hopefully today is just the beginning of a great year for you. Happy Birthday!.

24.'s A beautiful day, a new dawn, one more year of life. That is reason to celebrate your birthday, joy and peace in your soul.

25. In every corner of my heart there is something dedicated to you, today and always. Happy Birthday!.

26. Wishing you a super happy birthday, many successes and hugs for you, take good care I kiss ...

27. Could you have the wisdom to behave according to your age and have to forget the age of wisdom. Happy Birthday!. 28.'s So nice to share special moments with a friend like you. Happy Birthday! .

29 Here I am with you, singing a song to say: congratulations! 30. Today is not the end of another day, but the beginning of a new one. Happy Birthday.

31. Have a day of joy and rejoicing, as not all fail at your age

32. Much I appreciate and wholeheartedly wish you to have a happy birthday.

33. A look, two steps, three words four strokes five sighs, six emotions seven seven kisses eight dreams nine promises ... a love. Happy Birthday!.

34. They say you can tell your friends on the fingers of one hand. I bet you can not count your birthday with the other. Happy Birthday.

35. Hope your birthday songs include cake, many people and happiness. Happy Birthday!.

36. Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing birthday. Happy Birthday!.

37. Wish and keep you always young. Happy Birthday!.

38. The happy person is one who has the most interesting thoughts and growing more. Happy Birthday!.

39. Young is a privilege. Being sexy is a genetic gift. be "cool" is something only you can achieve. Happy Birthday!.

40. Bless you and protect you always! unable age you. Happy Birthday!.

41. May God fill you with prosperity and guide you in achieving your goals in this important and special day for us all, we wish you much happiness, successes, opportunities and success in your personal life and all those that you propose , long for and want and that God always light your way. They are our best wishes. Happy Birthday.!

42. The fun on your birthday, because you'll never be as young. But be careful, because you've never been old. Happy Birthday!.

43. Bless you on the day of your birthday and my friend who is a blessing to be a cause for celebration and binding for all and forever. and if, still crying no matter if I was there with you would too. I love you very much. happy Birthday! fondly.


1. Know this is a very sad time and I want to offer my condolences.

2. We are very saddened by the death of our beloved (name of the deceased). We we combine his immense pain.

3. At this painful time, receive our Sympathy For the early loss of our dear (name of deceased).

4. Want you to know that the great loss your family has suffered, we also causes terrible pain to us. We offer our support and affection.

5. Dare I only say I'm sorry. To us as much as you, do so lacking.

6.'m Very sorry for what is going on you and family. But I'm sure God has him in his glory.

7., I'm very touched. He was a great man and friend. I will be greatly missed.

8.'re Wholeheartedly with his family, we receive a hug of hope and friendship.

9. Receive our deep regret at the death we mourn us all.

10. Force spirit to this very sad time, receive our unconditional solidarity.

11. The memory of (Roxana) will live in our hearts every day, now rests with God.

12. Count on our friendship to overcome this irreparable loss. We are very sorry.

13. Currently pain I accompany you and tell you that you are very important to me and you can count on me.

14. Has to accompany me in this time of sorrow.

15. We have shared many moments of life, and in these difficult days I want you to know that I share your feelings and you'll be around if you need me.

16. I walk you in your pain.

17. 'm So sorry ... you are in my prayers.

18. 'll Send you a big hug full of hope and faith. we love you

19.. Now more than ever you must take care of the heart to heal the pain appears again and the light of hope. I'm so sorry.

20. Will pray for you and yours to let God have strength and can bear the sadness. Deal me in.

21. Tea Send a prayer begging you to keep wonderful memories give you strength to continue always smiling and transform the pain you now accompanies light of hope. so sorry. .

22. Our deepest condolences: YOUR NAME OR COMPANY.

23. The accompany you in your pain: YOUR NAME OR COMPANY.

24. We are with you: YOUR NAME OR COMPANY.

25. Much love, I am writing to send my sincere condolences on the death of his beloved (a) ... YOUR NAME OR COMPANY.

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